It’s a No-No

In honor of Mr. Johan Santana’s no-hitter (the first in Amazin’ Mets history!) here’s the amazing first-hand account of Doc Ellis and the LSD No-No.


ps. fingers crossed it stays sunny for the Venus Transit tonight, Daddy got his mitts on some welder’s glass so we can look right at it!


Up Nawth

Perfect timing that this postcard from Will arrived in my Brooklyn mailbox just as I was out the door to head south for a sojourn among the seagrasses, diamondwater, and, yes, kudzu ravines of my homeland. Sorry, Nawth, I’m outta here.


ps. that charming pre-war kudzu shack is roughly the footprint/size of my brownstone apartment (but with attic space and an, um, garden) what do you think they’re asking for it? $1800 a month? $2500? $74 confederate dollars? Let me know if pets are ok and we’ll talk.



I can think of way worse things than being stuck in an elevator with Noam Pikelny.


Aim for the Rainbow

These are the hand drying instructions at one of our all-time favorite restaurants, Grand Sichuan in Bay Ridge. Since the chengdu spicy and aromatic fish is so hot and sichuan pepper tingly, and it is our wont to have water, tea, tsingtao, and coke classic on the table at all times, I’ve seen this a lot. I love it every time. I take the instructions as follows:

Throw an arrow from your wrist at a rainbow while wearing short shorts.

I’m gearing up to do a bunch of projects this weekend (involving paint, gravel, chalk, mulch, and beer) I can’t wait to share!


Sayings of a Jewish Buddah

My Mama sent this along, equal parts bad cocktail party joke and it’s-so-simple-it-just-may-be-the-ultimate-truth brilliance:

Sayings of a jewish buddah: Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?

Trying to live it. Shantih Shalom.

ps. isn’t that just what a jewish buddah would look like?

pps. big doins in the backyard, the JB and I drove to Westchestah yesterday to pick up a long wooden trestle table with benches…for free! Will keep posted. In the meantime, stay zen.



April Fools

From, 4/1/12:

Bruce Hornsby to Moderate SXSW Panel: Dead-By Association at SXSW 2013

Bruce Hornsby will moderate a panel at next year’s SXSW on his longtime association with the Grateful Dead. In the panel “Dead-By Association,” Hornsby will discuss how his longtime affiliation with the Grateful Dead has taken him from Top 10 hits to a range of rural festivals in just 20 short years. “It’s every hit songwriters dream to be called Vince Welnick’s backup keyboardist,” Hornsby said in a statement. “Who needs arenas and Billboard hits when you can sustain your career on sit ins with The Trippin Tailgater.” Hornsby’s fellow panelists include: Jackie Greene, Branford Marsalis, Chris Robinson and the members of The National. Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tompson is also slated to moderate SXSW panel focused on his trademark Phish t-shirt called “One Shirt Tour: Dry Cleaning Bills and Fishman’s Dresses.”

This might be the best/most inside April Fools joke I’ve ever seen.

awesome image of Bruce and Jerry taken by Robbi Cohn. See more of her fabulous work here. Love that little squeezebox.



A few weeks ago I stumbled across a life(style) changing product: CUPPOW! The idea is incredibly simple and totally genius. It’s slender plastic insert that turns any wide mouth canning jar into a travel mug. BAM.

Who doesn’t love drinking out of a jar? Who hasn’t spilled all over themselves doing so? I had to get a few for Miss McKay for her birthday. It seemed created for her: Cold brew coffee anywhere, pina coladas to go, hot coffee refills, champagne cocktails on a bike, mojitos in the back of a pickup truck. No frills, no spills, all thrills. Even better, the tiny company is run by American humans who just seem to really love coffee and want to bring manufacturing back to New England. Simple, elegant, affordable, sustainable, and local? Be still my Brooklyn heart. 
Buy one here
, you know you need it.

images not featuring Miss McKay from cuppow.


Journelle’s Spotlight on… Yours Truly!

This week I’m featured over on Journelle’s divine lingerie blog! You may already know that I play the accordion or that I love the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, but you might not know that I spend much of my time comparing silk to seaglass and describing underpants in the language of Keats for Well, beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that’s a thong. Read the full interview here. And, if you’re thirsting for more, here are a few answers they didn’t include:

Celebrity Crush:
Special Agent Dale Cooper

Favorite Food: French Fries

Last Song on Ipod: Yelle, Safari Disco (thanks to Pancake)

Favorite Cocktail: (I gave a bit of a treatise on this one): I’m highly seasonal with my cocktail choices, preferring gin southsides in the crisp spring, cold mexican beer or real-lime rum daquiris in the summer, rye manhattans in the fall, and straight whiskey in the winter (I also included some of this in a description for one of my all-time favorite bras), but a cocktail that is delicious anytime of the year and always feels at once incredibly fancy, superbly fresh, and delightfully old fashioned is the classic champagne cocktail: soak a sugar cube in bitters in the bottom of the flute, add champagne, garnish with a twist. It’s sweet, funky, citrusy. Bubbly and chill enough for a warm day, smoky and spicy enough for a long winter. Perfection.

Style Icon: They included this question, but not this picture of Emmylou Harris, with those black toe booties, white blazer, and utter effortlessness makes me want to get a W.W.E.L.H.W. (What Would Emmylou Harris Wear) bracelet and tie it to my wrist.

Favorite Movie: First I said The Neverending Story, but no one in the room had heard of that, so I went with: Thelma and Louise

Must Have Lingerie Piece: It’s gotta be the chemise. Any of these will do.

Dale Cooper image from here, Emmylou image from here.


For Sale: Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Anyone need a raspberry bidet? The kind you get at a secondhand store:This and more to be found in the amazing “free” section of Craigslist. I stumbled on the pile of gems that is the “free” section a few months ago looking for a “new” dresser for Sweetheart. With some judicious browsing and a few e-mails, we found ourselves in a deserted hallway in an elevator building on East 12th street, picking up a beat up but lovely and manly mahogany bow front dresser, the drawers of which were inexplicably filled with glitter. FOR FREE. Even though (goodness knows) I don’t need any more stuff, I find myself drawn to peruse the “free” section every two weeks or so just to trawl around and see what’s there.

Just like Papa Hemingway’s famous flash story (“for sale: baby shoes, never worn”), the listings sometimes tell just the edge of a story, as in “wedding dress, brand new, never got used”. Or sometimes there’s a big old chunk of history there behind the words of the listing, as in “FREE wood joists that were just ripped up from the coney island boardwalk”:Then there are listings for things you see over and over: “Big Screen TV still WORKS! Needs two to lift”, “FREE Couch, making room for crib”, “IKEA (insert name of any item ever sold at Ikea), some scratches, may need to be disassembled, 5th floor walkup”. Toss in listings for free haircuts, free tatoos, free dirt, free comedy, free boats, free shoes, free oil, free puppies, or FREE ONE PASS FOR A HIPHOP LATINO SHOW CASE OPEN MIC IN MANHATTAN and the “Free” section becomes like the flashing repeating reel version of life that gleams from the windows of subway trains passing each other underground. Go look, don’t cost nothin.


Brooklyn Friday Night: what to do?

Don’t feel like braving the hordes on the Lower East Side (ever. again.)? No good music in the hood? Bored to death with “Bored to Death”? I have three words for you, my friend: Minor League Hockey. Did you know that Brooklyn has its own hockey team? Did you know that Minor League Hockey is totally awesome? Did you know that there’s still a place in America where you can get a beer for $3? All of this: amazing and true. Pretty much every Friday night the Brooklyn Aviators take the ice out at Floyd Bennett Field- the oldest airfield in New York City, once a home base for flyboys like Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan and aviatrices like Miss Amelia Earhart– the rink is in a converted hangar. The hangar complex has been re-modeled into a fantastical bizarrely/wonderfully suburban feeling sports complex with a climbing wall, middle-school-date-ripe skating rink, basketball courts, gymnastics gear, and a funny, all-nations-food-court where the guy who runs the pizza ovens sort of looks like Robert Deniro in Taxi Driver. The place is great- a departure, an adventure- but the hockey… that’s something else entirely. Fast and furious and beautiful and funny and brutally action packed, it’s everything you thought you knew about hockey (the missing teeth, the fights, the French Canadians) writ large and about 8 feet away from you. I think I saw someone’s nose get broken. And it was awesome. Also, I now understand the origin of the phrase “the gloves come off” (see above- ice littered with gloves, nose of dude on right- yeah, the big dude- about to get broken). Also, if the game stops because of a fight, they play the “Rocky” theme song over the loudspeaker. Also, because it’s minor league, at intermission they do hilarious things like “hockey bowling”- slinging a small child across the ice in an inner-tube to knock down huge inflatable pins and stadium employees. Also, zamboni. And if all that weren’t enough, let me reiterate: Beers are $3.

Tonight, February 10th, the Brooklyn Aviators face off against the Danbury Whalers at 7:35 pm sharp. Buy tickets here.

To get to Floyd Bennett Field you can:

a) If you have a car: drive all the way down Flatbush avenue, and turn left just before the Marine Park Bridge. Or, take the Belt Parkway (under the Verrazano Bridge, swinging by Randazzo’s on the way) to exit 11S.
b) Take the 2 or 5 train to the Flatbush Avenue/Brooklyn College  station (last stop), Take the Q35 bus one block from the train station – Flatbush  Ave. between Nostrand Avenue and Avenue. Request the bus to stop across from Aviator Sports and  Recreation at Floyd Bennett Field.
c) Stop one of the dollar buses cruising down Fulton yelling “Utica! Utica!” out of the window. It will cost you $1.
d) charter a helicopter flight and land at Floyd Bennett’s helipad.