Hall and Oates Emergency Hotline

It’s happened to me too many times to count: riding with the windows down, wind in my hair… no Hall and Oates to be found on any radio station. I can’t go for that, no, no can do. In this bright age of new discoveries there’s a fix for similar Hall and Oates based emergencies, and I’ve found it. If you insist on knowing my bliss, I’ll tell you this: 24 hours a day, just dial 719-266-2837 (1-719-26-OATES), follow the instructions, and get your fix. Serious.


bizarrely mesmerizing Hall and Oates image from here.


Take me to Queens at once! I almost can’t get over how awesome this totally real Yelp page for McDowell’s is. Reviews of the “Big Mick” are mostly positive and apparently the restaurant plays “Sexual Chocolate” over the speakers. No mention of free samples of Soul-Glo in the happy meal.

For a little more awesomeness on a wintry outer borough day, watch the original Coming to America trailer. Zamunda!


Thanks to Irina for the Golden Arcs.

Jazz Hands

Employees Must Wash Jazz Hands. Amazing.

Seen in the can at the People’s Improv Theater during intermission at the Risk! Podcast Storytelling Show. For those of you who don’t know Risk, it’s like The Moth meets truth or dare and it’s marvelous. The show I saw was immortalized in podcast #310. Sidenote: I am in love with Elna Baker.

Because it’s worth it

What if you had a pen name?
I would call myself “Sheldon Conch”

Sweetheart sent me a link to this AH-MAZING Marcel the Shell with Shoes On sequel while I was traveling with no internet, so I’ve been saving watching it… until last night. Marcel seems so much more empowered these days, it must be all of the love (we all love you Marcel).

And in case you missed the first installment of Marcel, here it is.

Sitting in Front of a Fan

Hey Legs, looking good. Nice and Cool.

How marvelous is this? On the right: an iconic Gil Elvgren pinup painting. On the left: the photograph that inspired it. See more wonderful shots here. If you scroll through them, you’ll see that the model is always the same, it’s Elvgren’s wife. How divine.

I’m sitting in front of a fan too today.

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