Up Nawth

Perfect timing that this postcard from Will arrived in my Brooklyn mailbox just as I was out the door to head south for a sojourn among the seagrasses, diamondwater, and, yes, kudzu ravines of my homeland. Sorry, Nawth, I’m outta here.


ps. that charming pre-war kudzu shack is roughly the footprint/size of my brownstone apartment (but with attic space and an, um, garden) what do you think they’re asking for it? $1800 a month? $2500? $74 confederate dollars? Let me know if pets are ok and we’ll talk.

Fly South

Today at 3pm Sweetheart and his banjo boarded the Silver Star in New York City. In a few hours I’ll be getting on the same train in Richmond, VA, fried chicken, cold beer, guitar and handkerchief in hand to meet him en route to south Georgia. We’re taking the fabled “Oysters Rockefeller” express down to the sea islands for Miss McKay’s birthday. On the agenda: gators, clamming, cocktails in ruins, armadillos, ghosts, sunsets, pig heavens, and- most importantly- adventures. I’ll see you all next week. Until then picture me here…