Journelle’s Spotlight on… Yours Truly!

This week I’m featured over on Journelle’s divine lingerie blog! You may already know that I play the accordion or that I love the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, but you might not know that I spend much of my time comparing silk to seaglass and describing underpants in the language of Keats for Well, beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that’s a thong. Read the full interview here. And, if you’re thirsting for more, here are a few answers they didn’t include:

Celebrity Crush:
Special Agent Dale Cooper

Favorite Food: French Fries

Last Song on Ipod: Yelle, Safari Disco (thanks to Pancake)

Favorite Cocktail: (I gave a bit of a treatise on this one): I’m highly seasonal with my cocktail choices, preferring gin southsides in the crisp spring, cold mexican beer or real-lime rum daquiris in the summer, rye manhattans in the fall, and straight whiskey in the winter (I also included some of this in a description for one of my all-time favorite bras), but a cocktail that is delicious anytime of the year and always feels at once incredibly fancy, superbly fresh, and delightfully old fashioned is the classic champagne cocktail: soak a sugar cube in bitters in the bottom of the flute, add champagne, garnish with a twist. It’s sweet, funky, citrusy. Bubbly and chill enough for a warm day, smoky and spicy enough for a long winter. Perfection.

Style Icon: They included this question, but not this picture of Emmylou Harris, with those black toe booties, white blazer, and utter effortlessness makes me want to get a W.W.E.L.H.W. (What Would Emmylou Harris Wear) bracelet and tie it to my wrist.

Favorite Movie: First I said The Neverending Story, but no one in the room had heard of that, so I went with: Thelma and Louise

Must Have Lingerie Piece: It’s gotta be the chemise. Any of these will do.

Dale Cooper image from here, Emmylou image from here.

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