Arts and Farts and Crafts

In which: my mama comes to town and we begin to execute a series of much discussed craft projects (increasingly-ambitious-proportional-to-the-amount-of-wine-we’ve-had)  painstakingly designed and overseen by Nipsey Russell the cat. More to come…


Blue Bottle Coffee

Even though summer is lingering as we always wish it would, confusing trees whose leaves blushed too early, thank goodness the transition from iced cold brew to hot-cha-cha coffee is still imminent. Jocie and I met for a brisk picnic lunch on The Highline and she, with a little persuasion, gave me an ad hoc architectural walking tour (awesome!). En route, we decided that if we were going to discuss Highline Architecture 101 (encompassing topics as diverse as “barrier elements mirror forms of both the in situ natural and industrial” and/or “life/work integration of public and private spaces”) that we definitely needed some coffee. ASAP. For my own life/work integration, I sort of, really, very much need, want, and have to have at least one of these single cup fast-as-lightning drip brewers from Blue Bottle Coffee. All I need is gravity and (in this case) the rarefied sideways light of the Highline over 10th avenue. Simple as that.

Hello Crewel World

Seriously LOVING these needlepoints from Maricor/Maricar.

What could be better than double-knotting and stem stitching The Rolling Stones, The Magnetic Fields, and The Pixies together with old fashioned needlepoint skills? Supreme thanks to Njoki, for all.

Sitting in Front of a Fan

Hey Legs, looking good. Nice and Cool.

How marvelous is this? On the right: an iconic Gil Elvgren pinup painting. On the left: the photograph that inspired it. See more wonderful shots here. If you scroll through them, you’ll see that the model is always the same, it’s Elvgren’s wife. How divine.

I’m sitting in front of a fan too today.

Hermès’ Odalisque: Get Thee to Coachella!

Hermès has bedecked Ingres’ Odalisque with their divine bangles and the thing is, she looks great. I especially love the one up above her elbow.Add in the peacock feathers and the studied/effortless turban and: she’s ready for Coachella (behind the curtain is a floral onesie, we swear).

Here’s the original:

Is the Hermès accesorized version almost better?? Is that sacrilege/sacrilart? Here are a few more nudes in the series (it’s impossible to find anything on Hermès site, but there are more there too), all in all, pretty awesome.

ps. If you missed it, check out the  Hermès DIY Kelly bag though, in all truth, I probably know more people who own an actual Kelly bag than have a printer (ie: one). Now we just need to get the DIY Birkin templates to the guys at MakerBot and we are in business!

General Orders no. 9

This beguiling series of images came from the trailer for this movie. My friend (and handsome Georgian) Carson shared it with me, I like to call him a young turk of the new south. He says it seems a little over styled, but gosh, it’s the story of his life. It seems that peculiar Southern story of a whole lotta nothin and whatever it was anyway decaying in the heat mighty fast against the hungry sprawl of strip mall reconstruction. At least I think that’s what it’s about. It’s hard to tell.  But the relentless progression of images in the trailer (and the Shelby-Foote-meets-Cormac-McCarthy narration) is utterly mesmerizing and somewhat menacing. What happened to us? What’s going to happen?

Whatever it is I want a set of those bee-bells.

1974 please.

The best thing in the whole world is when you look around and it may or may not be 1974. The second best thing in the world is when it is also summertime when that happens. It’s here. It’s fabulous. It’s time for adventures.

ps. (1974- put on your earmuffs) what is the best photo processor for Android? I used to tape a piece of napkin over the lens of my nokia, but now we’re grownups.

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