The Catbird Seat

catbirdseatIt must be getting on fall… the dogwood started sporting red leaves back in late July, we hear the geese in chevron flying overhead every twilight, and Jeff says the wooly bears started coming out last week (the fuzzies are apparently an ancient harbinger of winter). And the birds are back. After a summer of desolation at the bird feeders, the suet melting in the heat, the millet moldering behind its squirrel proof cage, the birds are swooping in again. Chit chattering all morning through to cocktail hour, fattening up their glossy summer plumage before it’s time to brown down. Dr. Russell the Cat Scientist is constantly taking data measurements and consulting his reference tomes watching them at the window, from the catbird seat.


A little light Russell

Hey! Is that Mr. Nipsey Russell the Cat doing a little bedtime reading in last week’s New Yorker? Certainly looks like it. When he’s not writing #1 hits, what else has Mr. Russell been up to? Getting in Trouble…Getting dressed up…

Hanging out with Hemingway…And just hanging out…What a busy guy. He’s got so much on his plate he’s looking to cast a replacement. Once he finds the right cat for the job, he’s really looking forward to taking a load off this weekend…

Yes, I like my cat a lot.

Thanks to Miss McKay for the New Yorker image, mugshot from here, Indian from here, Hemingway from here, Russell lounging is just Russell lounging, and Cat audition is from here.

Arts and Farts and Crafts

In which: my mama comes to town and we begin to execute a series of much discussed craft projects (increasingly-ambitious-proportional-to-the-amount-of-wine-we’ve-had)  painstakingly designed and overseen by Nipsey Russell the cat. More to come…

THIS JUST IN: Cat Loves New Sofa

We’ve just done a big maneuver and re-requisitioned the awesome loveseat that used to be in my grandfather’s house (Mama’s side). More on that later. In the meantime, breaking news: Nipsey Russell LOVES the new couch. See?2011-07-11_13-18-17_1672011-07-11_17-41-26_8562011-07-11_13-57-02_4532011-07-11_13-52-06_5092011-07-11_13-18-26_8362011-07-11_13-52-26_3272011-07-11_13-50-25_2652011-07-11_13-51-32_828I’d also like to mention that none of these is an action shot, he was in each of these positions for 30-45 minutes, at least. Life is hard out here for a Russell, but he’s making do, you know.

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