The Beautiful Buzz

ASinwoodsTwo weeks ago today, Sweetheart and I got married. I’ve been feeling like one of those old fashioned towers of champagne glasses, where the top one bubbles up, full to its very brim with joy to the overflowing and then it’s a giddy cascade of beauty and glittery light all the way to the bottom. And repeat. I’ve thrown parties before and I know what a great party feels like and our wedding was a. great. party. But I couldn’t have ever known how the wedding part of it would make me feel because holy moly who could ever know? How to even begin to describe it? As a lover of words I’ve been searching for both a way to put into language this giant feeling, this overcoming overflowing, this electric joy and abundant love that at once floats our little boat and also eddies around us like a current…but I also kind of don’t want to put it into words. Like: I don’t want to name it or to look directly at it, it’s too bright or maybe it might be too fleeting…it is at once a giant thing of celestial proportions and also something small and private like a delicate clockwork. Something to shout? Something to hold dear above all else like a fluttering bird against your beating heart? Something to whisper oh-so-quietly about in the half-dark with the leaves finally coming down against the tin roof? All of the above? Fortunately for me, since I can’t even really begin to explain it in words, my dear sweet cousin Charlotte (who is a brilliant filmmaker in addition to being an excellent human, lucky me) shot the day on film with an old super 8 camera. She made this movie for us (with help from her own sweetheart, Jesse), and it says absolutely everything I can’t even begin to speak. It is perfect. You watch it, and I’m going to go and let my heart explode. Again.

SUSANNAH & ANDREW from Charlotte Hornsby on Vimeo.

First picture taken by the incredibly talented and dear Kate Reeder who has an eye like an eagle and a heart like a unicorn. More to come.


Because it’s worth it

What if you had a pen name?
I would call myself “Sheldon Conch”

Sweetheart sent me a link to this AH-MAZING Marcel the Shell with Shoes On sequel while I was traveling with no internet, so I’ve been saving watching it… until last night. Marcel seems so much more empowered these days, it must be all of the love (we all love you Marcel).

And in case you missed the first installment of Marcel, here it is.


WordPress isn’t allowing me to post images right now, so my “cheeses-and-bizarre-liquors-of-the-mediterranean-roundup-welcome-back-to-my-new-york-nest” post will have to wait until WP support comes out of their post-turkey comas. In the meantime: When we were in Rome every night around sunset clouds of starlings would swell up out of nowhere and swarm, silhouetted against the soft slant light of the winter sky, moving like ink through water, like schools of fish, a whisper of wings looking to gather together and roost on some warm marble. Perhaps it was the wine or the wonder, but I couldn’t get over how stunningly beautiful they were. Upon our return, my Mama sent me this amazing video. Apparently, a choreographed swarm of starlings is called a “murmuration”. The word itself sounds and feels like heart, which is how you feel when you see it. Marvelous.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

General Orders no. 9

This beguiling series of images came from the trailer for this movie. My friend (and handsome Georgian) Carson shared it with me, I like to call him a young turk of the new south. He says it seems a little over styled, but gosh, it’s the story of his life. It seems that peculiar Southern story of a whole lotta nothin and whatever it was anyway decaying in the heat mighty fast against the hungry sprawl of strip mall reconstruction. At least I think that’s what it’s about. It’s hard to tell.  But the relentless progression of images in the trailer (and the Shelby-Foote-meets-Cormac-McCarthy narration) is utterly mesmerizing and somewhat menacing. What happened to us? What’s going to happen?

Whatever it is I want a set of those bee-bells.

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