Get Yerself Organized

To do this week:
1) Get self organized/sidestep dark pits of despair
2) Try not to freak out the incredible Anne Emond with how awesome I think she is-as manifested by stalking her on twitter.

further evidence of my serious Emond-love here and here.


Now what…?

I’m worried that this is going to happen to me soon. Maybe this afternoon.

ps. I love Anne Emond. Sometimes I feel like she is inside my brain: picking outfits predicated on horizontal stripes and skinny jeans (by necessity), singing the praises of buttered toast, and anthropomorphizing cheese. Love.

Bolinas Farmstand

On the way to Bolinas there is a roadside farmstand that uses the “Honest John” system… the last time we used an Honest John system we were a couple of Dishonest Jakes, but the boys who run this place are too cute and the vegetables too fresh and delicious for such espionage. So we coughed up a mere $20 for zucchini, onions, fennel, carrots, kale, and some marvelous Araucana blue eggs.  Not too shabby.Quoting the amazing Anne Emond  Ann Marie pointed to the kale and said “Hey, Baby Spinach get the F out of here” to which the FarmStandHand replied “I like the way you talk”. Anne Emond’s comique, in addition to being awesome, is also an exact likeness (down to the black pants and striped shirt) of Ann Marie when she said it: