THIS JUST IN: Cat Loves New Sofa

We’ve just done a big maneuver and re-requisitioned the awesome loveseat that used to be in my grandfather’s house (Mama’s side). More on that later. In the meantime, breaking news: Nipsey Russell LOVES the new couch. See?2011-07-11_13-18-17_1672011-07-11_17-41-26_8562011-07-11_13-57-02_4532011-07-11_13-52-06_5092011-07-11_13-18-26_8362011-07-11_13-52-26_3272011-07-11_13-50-25_2652011-07-11_13-51-32_828I’d also like to mention that none of these is an action shot, he was in each of these positions for 30-45 minutes, at least. Life is hard out here for a Russell, but he’s making do, you know.

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