Tonight: Music at Apothéke

Tonight the Roosevelt Dime boys are playing at Apothéke, an apothecary themed speakeasy behind a secret door in Chinatown. Very 1921/2006… reminds me of my day working at The Box. Regardless of your feelings re: nouveau speakeasies, this should be a lovely time in a beautiful room. Please come, wear something sparkly, and make a nice little Monday out of it.

Roosevelt Dime at Apothéke
Monday, February 27th
9 Doyers St
(between Bowery & Chatham Sq) images from here and here.


Things Could Be Worse

I’m going to plan the rest of my day using this fabulous collection of drawings. First, I think it’s time for a mid-afternoon coffee. And then I think I might make myself something delicious and fall-y:If I can get my mitts on the recipe.And then maybe I’ll go see Roosevelt Dime play tonight at the fabulous Brooklyn Winery.Cutest infestation ever.

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