Your very own Sistine Chapel

If you’re needing a little dose of wonder and beauty this morning, go here. With this incredible 360 degree panoramic view of the Sistine Chapel, you can zoom in and out on any panel, move around the room as if you were actually there (or as if you were actually flying up by the ceiling), and—in an INTERNET FIRST—the site’s built in heavenly music is totally awesome. The Vatican has really stepped up their web presence. While you may want to zoom in on the Drunkenness of Noah or (my personal fave) Judith slaying Holofernes, it’s also just pretty cool to check out the oft-ignored “Sistine Floor”.


Love Locks

From the amazing team that brought you Murmurations, here is a darling little video about Rome’s “love locks”. A new tradition on a 2000 year old bridge, lovers write their names on a lock, affix it to chains spanning the TIber, and symbolically and grandiosely toss the key into the river. Ahh Rome, how I love you.

thanks to dear Sara for the heads up.

Roman Holiday

Ahhhhhh, Rome. It’s official. I’m in love with the eternal city… I’ve been here for a little bit and my visit has been essentially straight out of Roman Holiday. The only difference is that instead of sporting Atticus Finch on my arm and having Audrey Hepburn’s waist (!), I’ve simply been ogling marvelous ancient things, shopping amazing vintage (of course Rome has better vintage than New York, of course), and eating and drinking like a mad fool. It’s been absolutely divine- in the best panthiestic sort of way. Could I live on red wine, speck, gnocchi, tartufo honey, grappa, and stracciata? Yes. Would I want to? Yes.

Roman Holiday images from here and here.

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