The Rocket

CiberRocketLaunchOur friend Phil is a rocket scientist. And when your friend the rocket scientist invites you to come to see the rocket he built from scratch launch into space, you go. Especially if the journey is just a few fried shrimp and some wild ponies away from where you are anyway. Per the scientist’s instructions, we drove up the Eastern Shore, out to Chincoteague (technically to the Wallops Island Nasa station), down a windy dead-end-road between corn and cotton to where the marsh starts and the world ends to get the best view of the launchpad. Above is the picture I took of it, dark under infinite stars, cocked and ready to go, literally poised to search the skies looking for the end of the universe. Here is the picture Toshiaki Arai took:ciber_launch_2013_preliminary(1)I mean, seriously, how amazing is that!? Philly K, brilliant genius, rocket launcher, and he cooks a mean fish.

Music of the Spheres

THIS JUST IN: when magnetically charged particles from the Sun stream around the Earth’s magnetic fields they create radio frequencies that CAN BE HEARD BY THE NAKED EAR. It’s called the “Earth Chorus” and it’s happening right now. In the sky. People have been taping it for ages, but, like late Django, they’ve only just now gotten the technology to capture a clear recording of it. Here:

Amazing, right?

Video from here, image from here.

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