River Magic

jamesriverwindowView of the James River at sunset from the second floor window of a house built in 1725. It’s looked essentially just like this for almost 300 years, and pretty similar (minus the formal-overgrown boxwoods you can see in the yard) for all of time, which always feels like some sort of hushed magic.


Sweet Stormy South

We were out playing music for a party on the big old river last night, I’d call her the first American river, the first one that mattered before we got out to the Mississip, the James, and this old beauty, this magnolia on her banks at the actual site of the America’s first town, Jamestown, blowing hard in anticipation of the torrent of Tropical Storm Andrea. It’s been raining for hours. So ends a week at the beach, scoping rockets, playing music, making delicious noshes, and eating lots of fried seafood. We’ll be back to adventures in country and city life next week (if Andrea doesn’t bury us under feet of water). Happy weekend, dears.

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