Super Bowl: Frito Madness

O behold the bounty of Fritos! After my recent discovery that Fritos aren’t, in fact, the devil, Meags sent me this totally amazing comprehensive history of Fritos. JUST in time to see sweet, half-dumb lookin’ Eli take on the evil juggernaut that is the Pats in this weekend’s Superbowl XLVI. Now- if Peyton goes to the Redskins, then that’ll be something. In the meantime, here’s a recipe for Frito pie:

-Take bag of Frito’s, cut the side open
-Pour in hot chili
-Grate cheese, apply sour cream
-Eat with spork, revel in being American


In Defense of Fritos

I once was of the opinion that the simple Frito, an incredibly delicious and copiously fatty corn chip that has starred equally in the boat-ride-adventures of my youth and the roadside-frito-pie-exploits of my recent adulthood, was the devil’s handiwork. Something so delicious must be wrought of the nasties: acesulfame-k, monosodium glucanazoleium, or- at least- yellow 5.

Until today. Today I learned that the humble Frito has but three ingredients: Whole Corn, Corn Oil, and Salt. Heavens to betsy! It’s practically as natural as a home-made tortilla on the open range! Praise the lord and pass the sour cream.

You’re welcome.

frito image from here.

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