Remember when you were in elementary school and you were supposed to write a letter to yourself to be mailed at a later date? An exercise in self-awareness (if you took it seriously) or silliness (if you wrote about boys), maybe embarrassing, maybe revelatory, maybe a little bit of both. I’ve never been a diary keeper (this here is the closest I’ve come), so for me that sort of time-capsule exercise is the only private kind of rumination I might have had. Until I heard of 10q. It’s sort of amazing. Once a year you answer 10 questions, and then a year later, your responses are e-mailed back to you (and if you keep it up, all of your past responses are saved for posterity). I did it last year and just got my responses back.

To the question: What are your predictions for 2012?

My Answer:

We may move, we may nest, and there will be a terrible election that will take over everything and solve nothing (really).


See? You should do it. Get started here.


image of Gramma’s beautiful watercolor hydrangeas. Oh to have her garden!

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