New York City Marathon Of Good Vibes

The New York City Marathon was this glorious weekend. Especially on the heels of marching in the Village Halloween Parade, Marathon Sunday was yet another example of how when Ole Dame New York sets her mind to doing something wonderful, she really knocks it out of the park. We happen to live right along the Brooklyn portion of the route (nigh along mile number 9) and the entire neighborhood was out in force, holding home-made signs, cheering and laughing, ringing bells and beating drums, playing music and singing. It didn’t matter if you knew anyone running, it was just a collective huzzah, a “we share this place and want you to know that what you’re doing is truly awesome”. Sort of goosebump-making-love-letter-to-our-city type stuff. It didn’t hurt that the Emmanuel Baptist Church choir was also out in force- 30 people strong, full rhythm section, guitar, organ, and horns. They sang and as the runners came by (after having already run 9 miles, mind you) they all raised their hands in jubilation. So did we.

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