Le Chat de la Méditerranée


In what is now at least a two-part-series I might as well call “cats make teh artz more interesting“, I’m loving this Balthus painting that Ann Marie sent me this morning. As she said, this Le Chat de la Méditerranée is really the devil hisself. Nice fish rainbow, nice soludos, chat.


New Friends

CatAndDogSo, these sweet brown boys have been hanging out. Nipsey Russell, meet Mr. Samson. They both think that they’re human, so they’re constantly confused as to what the other guy thinks he’s doing hanging out. Still slightly skeptical of each other (and the existential crisis of whole cat/dog thing), one thing they both agree on: laying by the woodstove, as close as possible to our people is just about as good as it gets.NewFriends

Cat Lady

As anyone who knows me knows, I love cats. Meags suggested perhaps I might build a catio and my cat is halfway done writing his first #1 hit (“Lick, Lick, Licken Dem Paws”). People who know me also know that I love Gone with the Wind. So. Suffice it to say I loveLoveLOVED this article about Vivien Leigh’s cats. Doesn’t she look so so glamorous?

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