Hi. I’m Susannah. I like to cook big dinners and sing songs about heartbreak and have fresh flowers in jars all around. On that note I like those necessary expenditures that makes you think you aren’t grown up at all and proof that you are all rolled into one (see also: wine delivery and maple cotton candy). I like to play music and listen to the radio and have adventures and stay home. I like it when I have several of something and can put them all in one place labeled with contents (scissors, thread, polaroids, leotards, funny hats, serious hats, etc.) I like it so much when people lend me books but I can never get them back without having marked the pages with tears or red wine or truffle oil (sorry, Brooklyn Public Library). I like to have a lot of funny instruments in my house and keep them out so anyone can just play them (come over for a miniature-piano-melodica-autoharp-accordion session whenever you’d like!). I like old clothes and the stories behind them and I like finding treasures in the pockets of things. I also like leaving treasures in the pockets of things. I like green apples and spanish marzipan and coffee and whiskey and about a million other things. I wish I could draw, but I’m happy I can sing, I wish I took better photographs, but I’m happy I have a bunch of lovely friends with good cameras, excellent eyes, and big hearts, I wish I could dance, but I’m happy to dance nonetheless. That last part was pretty cheesy. I’ll see if I can find some photos of me trying to dance and you’ll get the picture (or maybe it’s like “party bigfoot” only ever talked about and never caught on film- fingers crossed).

Oh! One more thing: Feather by Feather. A sweet little french saying goes: Petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid. This very roughly translates to: Feather by Feather, the bird builds its nest.

Feathers, twigs, twine. Laughter, food, love.


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. I am proud and in awe of the beautiful young woman you’ve become. I remember the stack of textbooks and novels and picture books piled high with yarn and rocks and graham crackers you’d leave on the floor next to your clean desk in my classroom. The custodian and I would let you leave them there even though I always prided myself in running a tight ship. Sometimes it’s cool to watch the little bird build her nest. And I guess It’s poetic justice that I now have a daughter who is just like you. She’s 11 and plays the tuba, twice her size, because she can (she has amazing lung capacity, from her dad) and she can sing with perfect pitch (also from her dad). And she dances without caring what she looks like (from her mom). She is amazing, like you. Feathers and all. xoxo

    1. My desk still looks just like that! Amazing. I don’t think that, as little wee birds, we could simply start a love affair with books and yarn and objects and music and dancing of our own accord- I think it’s only if we are fortunate to have someone to show us the way, to light the path just so, that we can start to take off- to read and explore and… play the tuba!?? That is simply Awesome. Thank you for this, and thank you for everything before. love, Susannah

  2. I found your blog through Yelp. I thought I’d leave a reply here instead since you don’t have any Yelp friends and it doesn’t look like you’ve left a review in a while. I love the quietness of your writing. The topics of your blog remind me of my author cousin, who I find both sentimental and oddly standoffish. I feel, someone who loves words as much as you do, would be working on a novel.

    1. Thank you for this kindness, Jessi! I WISH I was working on a novel, but, alas, just occasionally firing things off into the ether, where, apparently, sometimes, like-minded souls find it and connect. The internet is an amazing thing… Much light and beauty to you. xxSusannah

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