Birthday Jubilee


JubileeBdayOh, My. What a time. My Jubilee birthday celebrations this past weekend were absolute perfection. Everything I could have wanted, better than I could have hoped for. Champagne, Oysters, Moonshine. Laughter, Love, Music. Nautral. Home. I seem to have misplaced my camera cord in the melee, so for now, I’ll let instagram tell the story…BirthdayMusicSmillsBdayJubileeTableavRifleBirthdayAccordionMoonshineBirthdaySo much thanks. Cakes, Anna, and Smills for their pictures and love, Rav for bringing over a pound of Mennonite butter at the last minute and for infinite other tiny graces, to Deke for the moonshine and commitment to mayhem, to the men of the 5:15’s for pickin’ and grinnin’, to Sweetheart for moving the world to be there, and to Mama and Daddy for everything, always.


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