Summer Joy: Cucumber Sandwiches

Today I had one of the summer’s most marvelous delicate treats: the cucumber sandwich. When I was little Mama and I grew cucumbers and tomatoes in half barrels down the length of our driveway. I loved the curlicue tendrils that got so grabby and brushing off the little white thorns that grew from the bumps when they were ready to pick. Mama would have a tomato sandwich and me– always the cucumber. Nothing has changed.

I go white bread, crust on, no toast, Duke’s mayonnaise on both sides (sometimes I have to bring this special from Virginia, other times they randomly/awesomely have it at Fairway), salt, pepper, and chips. This is probably the only sandwich in the world (outside of PB&J) that doesn’t agree with a pickle. After all, a pickle is just a cucumber that sold its soul to the Devil. And the Devil was Dill.


4 thoughts on “Summer Joy: Cucumber Sandwiches

  1. So true, so true. Sweet summer pleasures. Haute cuisine got nothin’ on a sandwich made with veggies still warm from the sun. Also, loved seeing you rock the blue plates from the oceanfront. How ’bout it, Mr. Stevenson?

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  3. I just learned to say cucumber in Mandarin! “Huang gua”! So….”Wo yao huang gua”, I want cucumber, or, “Wo ai huang gua”! I love cucumber!

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