To thanks…

mountainsTime flies when you’re having fun. And time also flies when it’s being blown along at a blustery clip accompanied by a 20 degree windchill. Thus this incredible week of my dreams begins. A whirlwind trip of wine and laces up to New York and back down to sweet, cold Virginny, where the leaves have been blown off the mountainsides and the hills look like brushed velvet somehow in the deep pile of their bare branches, and where 22 people are coming to our house for Thanksgiving. Today. It will the best possible time, one marked in between full moons on my almanac calendar, what seemed to be years away back in balmy September, and is now just here at the doorstep like an early guest and I feel like my hair is still in curlers. It’s what I’ve been waiting for…all of my favorite things- dancing in the kitchen, the noise of pots and pans and soul music and laughter and plenty of wine and dear friends aligned on the compasses of time and memory and family reunited-and-it-feels-so-good and pretty plates and feathers and, of course, about a million ham biscuits. And on this never-to-be-seen-again Thanksgivukkah, I’ve just got to say: infinite thanks and mazel tov, y’all. My heart is full.

On Friendship


I’ve spent the morning listening to The Talking Heads, getting ready (right on the heels of last weekend’s 18 person slumber party) to host yet another full house for my dear dear Meags’ wedding, aaaand, because those cases of champagne don’t buy themselves, tackling a work project on friendship. Really thinking about friendship in the abstract, reading page after page of sappy typographic pinterest quotes, I swear almost started crying. My heart was full. How lucky we are, my friends, to have built an arsenal of fiercely loyal, unconditionally understanding, and completely brilliant people who multiply each others joy and divide each others sorrow? How true a thing, how honest, how beautiful, how kind. Bless you my friends who I will see tonight, who I saw last week, who I’ll see this month, and those who I will never see again. I love you so.

Love Locks

From the amazing team that brought you Murmurations, here is a darling little video about Rome’s “love locks”. A new tradition on a 2000 year old bridge, lovers write their names on a lock, affix it to chains spanning the TIber, and symbolically and grandiosely toss the key into the river. Ahh Rome, how I love you.

thanks to dear Sara for the heads up.